Great afternoon

Hi all well what an afternoon with Bob , Patricia and Paul .. They all caught fish Patricia got a 48cm barra Bob got a 70 cm barra Paul got a 64 cm and i got a 68 cm barra showinf them how i work a popper just on dark . It was great arvo fishing with them many laughs and much talking . Thanks guys for a great afternoon

Summer fishing

Well its happened for Rod and Peter they have been fishing with me all week and have missed a few barra . But today was to be one they wont forget in a hurry . Rod got this 85 cm barra then a short time later he got smoked by a very large barra and Peter got hit right at the boat and lost it and he also lost one yesterday both where big barra metre size . And I hooked up to an other metre barra which jumped right out the water and spat the lure .

Lake Monduran Barra Charters's photo.

Why fish?

We fished in the back of a bay early morning and found these little blokes waiting for mum n dad to come back and feed them . This is all apart of the been on the water while looking for the big barra and it adds to your day on the water . I enjoy this and most people love to also see as unless your taking notice most would miss this stuff .

Lake Monduran Barra Charters's photo.

When to fish

Just a quick thing to remember that the only that winter does to barra is slow there metabolism down but they still need to feed and do so when they get a chance . And a lure swimmer past they will eat it . But I have caught barra this week and im out for a fish all day tomorrow and if I get any barra I will post any pics I get . Cheers Jamie


These cooler mornings makes it a little harder to catch barra but the more time you spend on the water looking and flicking lures is the best way to get to know what they do and where they go .But anytime a change moves in the barra do different things . But always remember if they don’t feed they die . So don’t let anyone tell you that barra don’t feed in winter cause that is not true …

Where to fish

Well we went for a fish yesterday and found shit loads of barra in a only four spots . The best number of barra was in Jacks . To find them go into the Island in Jacks but keep it on your left and turn left just as you pass it and I guess your heading to the sunset . Now there will be two little creeks fish back to the one that goes to the right .. That’s just one spot …. cheers



Some thoughts

Have been out for the last three days very cool mornings and not many fish about at all . When I do find them they scare so so easily they stop moving through . But two very big things I have noticed is no bait fish and no catfish so what ever going on its playing the same card to all . The third thing is the water is so clear and you can see your lure a long way of and into the water a long way . People say its water temp I don’t think it is as its been 18 deg till the son comes up then goes to 19 deg and above up to about 22 deg . That’s a great water temp for winter .. I personal think its the wind as its a wind that never fish well . out again over the week end will post what happens . tight lines to one and all

After the storms

Well what a difference one storm can make to the barra . Out today with Gordon and Steve from Brissy . It was not really a great wind but westerly and strong so I found a spot on our beautiful Lake Monduran which was out of the main body of wind but the current was pushing to me . I tied up and barra where there moving through .Then they slowed and I did think we would move then they just started to move again . At around 2 pm Steve hooked up to his very first barra after a very good fight the barra went 990mm just short of the metre . Well done Steve

Lake Monduran Barra Charters's photo.

True story

Headed out early this morning with Dale . We found barra all day but only got hit twice then these two boats came in on there petrol motors driving a round where we were fishing and shut the barra down . People please grow a brain I will remember this for a long time . So if it happens to you don’t f**king cry or get pissed off cause karma is a real bitch .

September News

Out today for a look and a fish with a good mate Glen from the Gold Coast . I was lucky enough to hook this 88cm barra on this south east wind . It hit it on the pause and it put up a great fight . There are plenty of barra in our beautiful lake . And a short time layer an good mate got a 1.03 now is a good time to get on the water .

Lake Monduran Barra Charters's photo.

News just in

121Out yesterday with Dave and the boys and Dave hooked this nice 89cm barra for his very first barra ever . Glen also got two barra also a 104 cm and 93 cm barra just as the storms moved over us.Their was a lot of fish on the move but it was had to get that one too feed .